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Telecom Expense Analysis…

Telecommunications and network services are a growing operating expense today for most global companies. Voice, data and wireless usage is exploding almost to the point of being out of control. Inventory of related network and telecommunications assets are non-existent or outdated. Most companies have little visibility or information to manage this cost. Inaccuracies of vendor billings add to the burden of ensuring proper validation in the payment process. Telecom invoices are multi-dimensional, with many fixed and variable elements, complicated taxes and surcharges, and many sources of pricing such as tariffs and contracts and thousands of line items. Vendor invoices have to be paid timely or companies can incur significant additional charges for late payments and run the risk of unexpected service interruption. Processing and reviewing these constantly changing invoices in a timely fashion is a daunting task for any accounts payable department.  A typical project consists of an audit which includes the review of invoices, contracts, inventory and office site information. After evaluation of contracts and invoices, LYNX experts will prepare and deliver a detailed summary report outlining the current state of your telecom environment and recommendations for achieving cost savings.

Telecom Life-Cycle Management…

LYNX delivers software and technology-enabled services to help your organization manage, understand and control both fixed and mobile communications assets and costs.  Once a TEM analysis is done and cost savings uncovered, LYNX TLM services can transform the management of your fixed and mobile communications expenses and resources.  LYNX will bring control, visibility and understanding to every critical process within your organization’s communications environment – from the identification of specific needs and provisioning of devices and services through the management and processing of invoices. LYNX is about managing the processes that make up the lifecycle of your communications environment.  We provide an integrated Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution, managing the entire vendor invoice validation process including inventory accounting, change management and provisioning, bill audit and payment on a single platform for Wireline and Mobility expense. We offer the expert service, as well as the proven workflow processes, a proven technology platform and reporting capabilities needed, to effectively deliver and drive recurring financial, time, and resource savings.

Our Committment…

Our Professional Services group helps implement policies, procedures, and processes that give complete visibility and control over your wireline and wireless telecom expenses. This includes the entire lifecycle of telecom expenses: Order and Inventory Management, Mobile Optimization, Analytics and Reporting, Invoice Management, and Wireless Helpdesk.  Lynx is not a telecom auditing company that performs a quick one-time audit and then urges you to switch carriers.  We believe this is a band-aid approach that may save money in the short term, but ends up costing the end user more in the long run. Our aim is to optimize what you currently have. Our professional services include an automated telecom expense management solutions delivered as a SaaS model.

Invoice Management

Do you and your staff have time to manually audit invoices for accuracy against contracted rates and current inventory? If you don’t have a process for checking these bills, how can you ensure that rates don’t fluctuate throughout the year or even double upon contract expiration? Is your baseline for making decisions completely accurate?

If you face these obstacles, Lynx can help by offering the following solutions:

  • We identify billing errors and exceptions on a monthly basis by auditing invoices

against contracts and inventory

  • We manage and resolve disputes, which frees up your time
  • We monitor your contractual minimum annual revenue commitments (MACs/MARCs) and attainment levels


  1. Ongoing assurance of invoice accuracy to telecom providers with maximum cost-savings
  2. Accurate and timely loading and processing of invoices to Accounts Payable
  3. Increased cash flow, recovery of costs, and reduced invalid and inaccurate network billing

Order and Inventory Management

Do you have complete control over associating costs back to employees and business units? Does pulling up a simple report take hours to complete? Telecom moves, adds, changes and disconnects (MACDs) are difficult to manage, especially if you don’t have standard processes and a centralized database to manage changes. Inventory is constantly changing, with MACD activity making it a challenge to stay accurate and tie expenses back to the appropriate cost centers or users. Lynx can help overcome these challenges through our Order and Inventory Management service. Our experienced staff helps standardize MACD processes, by providing the following services:

  • Project manage complex installations or terminations
  • Capture all MACD activity in one, centralized database
  • Enable order management and approval workflows based on your organization’s needs
  • Link all inventory items to their location, user, contracted rate, usage and spend
  • Report on under and non-utilized inventory
  • Validate inventory against invoices and contracts on a monthly basis


  1. Establish predictable telecom expenditures for enterprise business lines
  2. Provide accurate monthly MACD report

Manage and Direct USAC Funding

Is your organization eligible for USAC funding? Do you struggle to keep up with current rates and USAC policies? We help to manage and process all forms to ensure that USAC rates are obtained. We ensure that all proper signatures on required documents and help you stay abreast of USAC changes and policies.


  1. Obtain maximum amount of USAC funds and reduce telecom rates in a timely manner
  2. Define the USAC funding process to comply with billing period for new orders

Analytics and Reporting

How long does it take you to generate a telecom-related report for your Management, Board of Directors, or Investors? Are you able to quickly run a report within a matter of keystrokes?  Is your visibility and decision-making compromised by lack of good data and inadequate reporting tools? We partner with one of the leading telecom expense management software application providers to:

  • Reduce telecom costs by identifying opportunities for optimizing rate plans and renegotiating contracts
  • Increase visibility into telecom costs and trends while there is still time to take proactive actions and avoid problems


  1. Drill down reports that allocate costs by individual, cost center, or other user-defined spend categories across any number of corporate locations.

Mobile Optimization

When an employee orders a phone and allocates the device to a billing account number, who is made aware of this transaction and how do you ensure that the charges are correct when the bill comes in 30 days? What happens when that employee leaves the company? Lynx manages the provisioning activity and captures all mobility changes in one, centralized system. Usage analysis and optimization service is critical to receiving the most cost-effective wireless service from your service provider(s). We incorporate our expertise with best-in-class processes and tools to ensure wireless voice and data plans are continually optimized. Our Mobile Optimization process manages the following:

  • Non-Usage Analysis: analysis of devices which incur access charges, but have no voice usage or data usage
  • Rate-Plan Analysis: assessment of current rate plans and usage against available rate plans by provider
  • Pooling Analysis: analysis of voice usage patterns against plan pool minutes to determine if voice pool is at its most cost-effective level


  1. Tools, and procedures for providing you with in depth information about rate

Wireless Help Desk

Do your mobile device users know who to contact for device troubleshooting? Who should they contact if they want to add a feature to their phones? How can you guarantee that an employee isn’t intentionally breaking his/her phone every six months in order to obtain the latest mobile model? Are your employees required to use multiple channels to support their mobile devices? Would your employees be more efficient if your organization could:

  • Use a single point of contact for pre-determined wireless help desk calls
  • Process tickets for new activations, upgrades, transfers, suspensions, disconnections, rate plan changes, accessories, and cost center changes
  • Interact with well-trained support analysts with extensive product expertise
  • Rely on an experienced third party to resolve common wireless problems
  • We streamline the help-desk experience for all users and provide a cost-effective option for delivering support.


  1. Reduced wireless expenses through automation, centralized administration and compliance with corporate mobile policies
  2. Drill-down reports on mobile usage, variances, vendor detail and trending