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Working at Lynx Network Group

Lynx is a growing, Michigan based company with a great team of individuals, each of whom brings a unique perspective and a wealth of experience.  To that end, we believe that policies, procedures and programs should be created based upon suggestions and feedback from all individuals within the organization.  We value the ideas of each member of our team and feel that collective group decisions are better received than management directive.

By operating in this manner, our team members feel a sense of ownership and accountability for both their individual role within the organization and the company performance as a whole.  Our promise is to provide an exceptional level of customer service with uncompromising integrity and this type of company culture helps us achieve this each day.

We are searching for candidates who are looking to start their telecommunication careers by filling the following positions:

Network Helpdesk (Front-line support for all our clients and partners) – Immediate Openings

This team is responsible for managing all inbound and outbound communication with our client and partner organizations. They respond to inbound trouble reports via phone, instant message, and E-Mail. The Network Helpdesk also works with our Network Operation Center (NOC) to provide solutions and troubleshooting assistance to our clients when they experience service issues. When there are no Helpdesk cases to manage, they assist our NOC in network monitoring, maintenance, turn-ups, and engineering projects. On some occasions, our Network Helpdesk will assist our sales team by providing engineering assistance for prospective clients.  These positions require a strong “customer service” attitude, technology proficiency, excellent troubleshooting abilities, and advanced communication skills.

Network Operation Center (Network-oriented engineering, support, and maintenance) – Immediate Openings

Our Network Operation Center (NOC) consists of a team of personnel who’s primary goal is to ensure the highest quality network possible. This will include day-to-day management of network nodes, and other equipment. Some duties the NOC personnel will handle will be: backups, upgrades, equipment configuration, performance optimization, service activation, troubleshooting, and repair. The NOC will also assist the Network Helpdesk in order to provide our clients and partners the highest level of service possible.  These positions require advanced IP, DWDM, and data network knowledge. Significant Cisco experience, and advanced troubleshooting abilities are also highly valued.

ISP Network Engineer / 2014

The ISP Network Engineer is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the Transport Network Equipment throughout the Lynx Network coverage area.  This position includes thorough testing and turn up of new customer service, working closely with provisioning to meet customer deadlines.  The ISP Network Engineer should have experience with DWDM/CWDM equipment installation, testing and maintenance.  This position will include alarm resolution and troubleshooting of advance network troubles.  The Network Engineer will work closely with the NOC to quickly identify network related outages.  Network responsibilities include outside cabinets throughout the network along with emergency generator dispatch for power outages.   This position requires a “Team Player” attitude willing to work with Sales, OSP, Provisioning and the NOC to support the Lynx Network and its customers.

 IP Architect (IP and network design specialist)

The IP Architecture team is responsible for the overall design and implementation of our data network. This team is often found buried in technical documents, Cisco routers, and Visio drawings. They assist in the execution of the network deployment vision, and ensure optimum use of our network resources. They assist our Network Operation Center in configuring network equipment, and new client activations. These positions require advanced IP, DWDM, and data network knowledge. Advanced Cisco knowledge, and advanced troubleshooting abilities are required.

Application and Software Developer (Web, application, and software experts) 

Our Application and Software Development team helps day-to-day operations by building and customizing tools, portals, applications, and workflows inside all departments. Much of the work performed by this team is defining requirements of users, and then turning those requirements into usable tools for the entire organization. They also assist in designing entirely new products and services to add to our portfolio, sometimes taking the product management role and spear tipping it to completion.  These positions require extensive, and varied coding experience. Communication is essential for these roles, and a basic understanding of the telecommunication industry is also very helpful.

Orders and Provisioning Specialist

Manage/Coordinate/participate in project activities with internal and external resources from project start to completion, implementation of project orders and resources, daily entry of project data, day to day project level internal communications, external documentation and communications.  The following would include responsibilities of monitoring and documenting within tracking tools and reports, as well as regular communication with project participant until completion of all project aspects.  Additional job requirements may include; Telecommunications knowledge, attention to detail, ability to work independently, functional and technical skills with Microsoft Office and other order/inventory software systems, the ability to deal with complex orders, planning and prioritizing assigned work load.  Maintain high standard for customer relations by consulting, advising and assisting with general customer service.


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