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Read why companies have chosen Lynx Network Group:

“LYNX Network Group is second to none when it comes to customer service. No more dialing multiple numbers to get things done. Their competitive pricing and transport helps keep our Independent company a step ahead of the competition.”
Duane FedieBaraga Telephone


“We have been using the services of the LYNX Network Group since March of 2004 and have been extremely satisfied with the service and services they provide. The vendors they resell for are reliable and effective. The few times we have had an issue with our data transport or T1 services, the LYNX Group has always stayed on top of it, making certain that the issue was resolved not only to the providers satisfaction, but to ours.  Thanks for a great five years.”

Art Plato, Internet Engineer at Coldwater Board of Public Utilities


“Thank you so much for all your assistance and time you have given to Davenport University (always) but especially the last couple of months. I know that we put a lot of pressure on you and I just want to thank you so much for helping us through thru this trying process.  You have provided outstanding service to Davenport University.  So I would also like to say I don’t know what I would do without you.  Once Again!  Thank you very much!”

Sally Kuipers, Telecommunications Specialist at Davenport University


“LYNX provided us with faster, reliable speed at a lower cost. A great team to work with!”

Cindy Dwyer, Vice President of Technology at County National Bank